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What is the size and mass of Zelda HVLS?

The HVLS Zelda HVLS is 18” in diameter and can weigh from 30 lbs. (13.6kg) to 50 lbs. (22.7kg) depending on the composition.

What is the fluid output rate for Zelda HVLS?

Zelda is capable of transferring fluids out of a 55 gallon tank in under 16 seconds by using a manual hand crank turning at 120 rpm. (At 243 0rpm Zelda displaces 364 US Gallons per minute or 75.9 cubic meters per hour.)

What are some alternative drive systems?

Some alternative drive systems are water buffalo, bicycle, hand crank, water wheels, vertical or horizontal axis turbine, water systems (river, channels and waves), effluent flow etc.

What material will final production Zelda HVLS be made from?

Zelda will be available in 3 different material options. Option one is made from primarily plastic for light duty pumping and for travel purposes. The second option is aluminum and some plastic components. The third option is all metal components with some being stainless steel which is ideal for heavy food grade pumping.

What are some uses for the pump named Zelda HVLS?

  • quick transfer of fluids
  • pumping food grade commodities
  • power generation (electricity)
  • hydraulic transmission
  • pumping domestic water for human consumption
  • pumping petroleum products
  • desalination of water
  • backup, emergency and remote pumping services
  • irrigation
  • pumping to raised storage for domestic pressure system
  • sump pumping
  • pipeline pumping
  • metering capabilities

Will Zelda HVLS be sold with a mechanical drive system?

  • WindTrans Systems Ltd will supply drive technical data (motor drive and control information)
  • WindTrans Systems Ltd will supply manual drive handle for hand crank operation

How much water can HVLS Zelda HVLS move when operated with a hand crank system?

During our testing we have been able to lift water up 8' into the pump without pre priming and pushing up a head of over 12' using a hand crank. Cranking by hand has enabled us to deliver over 135 gallons of water per minute. We have shown that it is possible to transfer fluid out of a 55 gallon tank in under 16 seconds by using a manual hand crank.

How much water can Zelda HVLS move when attached to an electric motor?

Using a 1 HP motor, Zelda was able to pump 230 gal/min up 12 ft of head using 41 ft lbs. of torque.

How can I stop leaks in my system?

Did you know that β€œΒΌ of the treated water in the USA is lost due to leaks?”  Zelda HVLS is a positive displacement pump that can operate in a forward or reverse direction and can act as a metering device.  We know that each rotation provides 1.51 gallons, if you have a leak in you system you would know straight away if there is a loss in volume.  If there is a leak we can also evacuate the delivery lines or system by changing the direction of our pump.
(Quote as stated in the Canadian Business magazine October 28, 2013)

What are some examples of food material that can be pumped with Zelda HVLS?

Zelda Pumping KetchupFood grade, thick or heavy fluids can be moved without mixing or emulsifying the pumped medium. Some examples are molasses, ketchup, corn syrup, mayonnaise, honey etc.

Why is Zelda HVLS better for pumping food grade materials than current food commodity pumping systems?

Zelda is strong enough to pump thick and heavy fluids without the use of heat to keep the medium moving through the pipelines. Thinning of the medium is also not required to make it move through the pipeline which saves time and money.

What are the benefits of having a dual direction pump?

Zelda uses positive displacement technology and operates efficiently forward and in reverse, or right and left in the case of being installed in a pipe line system. This means if there is a leak or a maintenance issue ahead of Zelda then she can simply be reversed and product detoured.

Is the test facility available for tours and demonstrations?

Demonstrations are available on an invitation only basis. If you are interested in attending one of these demonstrations and would like to request an invitation please contact us.








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