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WindTrans Tests Prototype High Lift Portable Fire Pump "Altra-Lift Fire Platform"

Testing the Altra-Lift GP300 and other WindTrans products to fight fires is a success, Zelda II HVLS Altra-Lift products self-prime and live 30' (4" diameter column of water) in seconds of deployment. Up to 360 gallons per minute to fill water resources quickley and efficiently. During our test at 120 US gallons per minute at 80 rpm under load, we connnected two lines using a "Y" fitting to 1.5" and 1" outlets! Flood you front fire lines quickley without reservation, this is your High Lift, Self-Priming, Portable Fire Pump and will not disapoint! Maximum volume output of 360 gallons per minute at 243 rpm.



WindTrans Tests Prototype Floating Weir - code name "Frigate Skimmer"

Testing a full lift of over 27' and self-priming, Zelda II HVLS Vacuums water from the top 3inches of the rivers surface in seconds.  The lift capability of a remote positive displacement pump such as this pump is an advancement in pumping like no other.  Running below 120 rpm and lifting with the on again off again leakage through the skimmer has no affect on performance.  The Zelda pump displaces over 170 gallons per minute running at this speed using this Skimmer!



WindTrans Zelda II HVLS pumps out basment in minutes

When time is a factor, you want to save your belongings and the damage that may be done to your home, call on Zelda II HVLS to get the job done.   Here we set up in seconds and self-prime and empty a basement in the fraction of time that other pups can do.    Just think being able to keep ahead of the tide!


WindTrans Third Party Testing - Pump testing with Ohmsett click here to see video

We quickly proved that our pump provides great support to the user, time savings, lift and volume capabilities. WindTrans brought the pump to Ohmsett to demonstrate the performance of their system through a series of static 17' lift tests with two standard test oils, Hydrocal 300-200cP and Calsol 8240-2000cP at temperatures between 12.78 and 15.56 degrees Celsius.  See the publication on the Ohmsett site.


Global Petroleum Show

We are taking our Zelda HVLS Pump to the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Alberta. Come visit us in booth 4325 to get a hands-on feel for the Zelda HVLS Pump. While your there, have a chat with our two pumping experts.


Off to the Gulf of Mexico

We are taking our Zelda HVLS Pump back down to New Orleans and Houston... this time featuring our Pneumatic Drive. Give us a call (519-527-2475) or shoot us an email ( to visit a live demonstration from Gord Bailey.


WindTrans Partnership with Avon Maitland School Board

A partnership in Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship Training was conducted with WindTrans and the Avon Maitland School Board in teaching Specialist High Skills Major Students at the High School Level. We firmly believe that future technology and experience with manufactures must be shared at the grass roots level of learning. WindTrans appreciated the involvements and the creativity of the students.


WindTrans Pantent For Zelda HVLS Has Been Recieved!

After many hours of hard work & research, we are excited to announce Zelda HVLS has been patented. U.S Patent No. 9,297,379


WindTrans Installs 2 Zelda HVLS Pumps at Clinton Treatment Plant With Great Success.

The first Zelda is setup to be driven by PTO at 190rpm and the other driven by hydraulic motor running at 90rpm.  We lifted over 15 feet (4.6m) running at low rpm, self-priming and emptying the tank in 5 hours over 86300 US Gallons (326,681 litres).

The benefit of using Zelda is that she self-primes and can be left to do her job without constant monitoring and worry about losing prime.  Operation is quiet and pumps can be stopped, filters cleaned and systems can be re-started without the hassle of trying to re-prime.


FDIC International

42 Industries, LLC will be exhibiting the Zelda HVLS Pump at FDIC International in Indianapolis on April 20-25, 2015. Booth #9619 Would you like more information about the show?


Zelda HVLS & The International WorkBoat Show & Conference

We presented Zelda the one and only HVLS pump for the first time at this year WorkBoat Show in New Orleans which ran from Dec 1 to Dec 3.

Since it was our first time at the show we were amazed at the magnitude of the exhibit area that encompassed everything from working tugs and barges to ship builders and container ships.

Our booth was small but we had a live pumping station with water that allowed us to demonstrated Zelda pumping by hand and by a low speed electric drill. The response was amazing and we received more than 60 contacts for follow up.

We learned a great deal as to what the commercial boating industry requires.

Hand operation, self-priming and being able to pump 90 gallons of water per minute by hand was of interest.  It was also demonstrated that pumping waste water with oil or gas waste was a major benefit for the end user.  When an owner or operator of a vessel (barge / container) needs to pump out with a risk of explosive or dangerous conditions, he is required to hire a chemist to test the internal condition before he is allowed to dewater.  With Zelda and hand operation the chemist would not be required decreasing the time for cleanup and reducing expenses. 

Another issue is the sheer weight of the pumps presently being used which can be 300 to 400 lbs  to include pump and motor, this can be reduced by using Zelda at a weighs in of 45 lbs making it much more portable and easy to set up anywhere on the vessel.

Zelda’s ability to handle water today and transfer diesel fuel or waste product tomorrow was a big benefit.

One concern was Zelda’s ability to handle grit and sand.  Zelda comes with a permanent stainless steel filter mounted in the inlet of the pump and is shipped with a fabric sock and basket on the end of the inlet pipe.  Zelda is able to pump forward or backwards without any change of hardware, this means by pumping in reverse the operator can now blow out any obstructions that may block the inlet. 

All in All it was great show and we will certainly attend next year’s exhibit. We are also planning to be in the Gulf area in the middle or towards the end of January to demonstrate Zelda in working situations.

Would you like more information about the show? If you wish to receive more information about WindTrans please contact us!

Check out the Brochure we handed out at the show! (PDF)


Upcoming Show Announcement - 2014 Combined Equipment Services and Streets Division Conference - APWA North Carolina Chapter

Zelda “A” HVLS will be demonstrated live at the 2014 Combined Equipment Services and Streets Division Conference - APWA North Carolina Chapter at the Hickory Metro Convention Centre in Hickory, NC, October 1-3, 2014. If you wish to receive more information about WindTrans or would like to arrange a meeting please contact us!


Upcoming Show Announcement - 2014 Ohio Public Works Expo - APWA Ohio Chapter

Zelda “A” HVLS will be demonstrated live at the 2014 Ohio Public Works Expo - APWA Ohio Chapter at the Hilton Garden Inn in Perrysburg, Ohio, September 11-12, 2014. We will be attending with our US dealer. If you wish to receive more information about WindTrans or would like to arrange a meeting please contact us!


Upcoming Show Announcement - WorkBoat Show & Conference

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending The International WorkBoat Show & Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana from December 3 - 5, 2014. Please stop by and see us at booth #567 during the show. Would you like more information about the show? If you wish to receive more information about WindTrans or would like to arrange a meeting please contact us!


Upcoming Show Announcement - WEST 2014

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending WEST 2014 in San Diego from February 11-13, 2014. Please stop by and see us at booth #2008. Would you like more information about the show? If you wish to receive more information about WindTrans or would like to arrange a meeting please contact us!


Upcoming Show Announcement - The BIG5 Saudi

We are pleased to announce that WindTrans will be attending The BIG5 Saudi at the Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events from March 9 - 12, 2014. WindTrans representative Dean Wood will be in attendance with a Zelda HVLS pump & an Envira-North Systems Altra-Air Fan. Dean will be located at the Trimac Inc. booth # 2A88. Would you like more information about the show? If you wish to receive more information about WindTrans or would like to arrange a meeting at the show please contact us.


Check this out!

Did you know that “¼ of the treated water in the USA is lost due to leaks?”  Zelda is a HVLS positive displacement pump that can operate in a forward or reverse direction and can act as a metering device.  We know that each rotation provides 1.51 gallons, if you have a leak in you system you would know straight away if there is a loss in volume.  If there is a leak we can also evacuate the delivery lines or system by changing the direction of our pump.
(Quote as stated in the Canadian Business magazine October 28, 2013)


Zelda HVLS is here!

Zelda HVLS has arrived and will be unveiled at WEFTEC 2013 in Chicago from Oct 7-9, 2013! At the show participants will be able to operate Zelda first hand.


Advanced Procurement Fall 2013

WindTrans Systems Ltd. will be producing 15 Zelda PHD Pump/Turbines in order to globally trial our technology to include different uses and sites conditions. It is beneficial to see the technology used in different ways and at the same time helping our interested consumers. Partners having the desire to use the technology will be asked to complete an advanced procurement form in order to prequalify for the trial.

Please download the form provided and return the information back to WindTrans Systems Ltd. no later than the 27th of September 2013. It is important to note that a technical official from WindTrans Systems Ltd. will accompany each Zelda HVLS to ensure its proper implementation and operation to warrant that the trial is of use.

Click here to download NDA Procurement Sheet.


Goderich Micro Hydro Zelda HVLS Turbine Test

The Goderich Micro Hydro Zelda HVLS Turbine test system has jumped the first hurdle; we hope to produce electricity in September 2013!

Phase 1 of the Environmental Compliance Approval Application Report is finished and submitted. The Town of Goderich with the support of Council agreed to support in principal "The Goderich Micro Hydro Test System" pilot project.


Upcoming Show Announcement - WEFTEC 2013

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending WEFTEC 2013 in Chicago from October 5-9, 2013. Please stop by and see us at booth #4685. Would you like more information about the show? If you wish to receive more information about WindTrans or would like to arrange a meeting please see us at the show! Contact Us


Upcoming Show Announcement - CANSEC 2013

WindTrans is pleased to announce that we will be attending the 2013 CANSEC Show that is being held in Ottawa on May 29 & 30, 2013. Not only will you be able to view Zelda PHD but we will also be providing hand crank and bicycle powered demonstrations of the technology. Please stop by and see us at booths 430 & 2026. Would you like more information about the show? Would you like more information on WindTrans or would like to arrange a meeting with us at the show? Contact Us


Nominations & Travel

It is currently a very busy and exciting time for WindTrans and Zelda HVLS. Tonight is the 2013 Spirit of Success Awards Gala in which we are nominated for 2 awards.(Bell Technology/Manufacturing Award & TD Environmental Awareness Award)! We look forward to the awards gala and thank the Chamber for this exciting nomination!

Also, from January 29th-31st representatives from WindTrans will be showing off Zelda HVLS in San Diego, California at the AFCEA WEST 2013 event. Zelda is excited and ready to engage the military and industry leaders.


Zelda Has Received Innovative Product Award for 2012

Today WindTrans Systems Ltd received the Innovative Product Award for 2012 from the Huron Manufacturing Association. Zelda HVLS is happy to receive this acknowledgment of her hard work.


Micro-Hydro Testing Has Been Approved!

Great News! A proposal to install a micro-hydro test system using Zelda HVLS has been approved by Goderich Town Council. After jumping all of the hoops we are projecting to have the system up and running during the Spring of 2013.


New Rotary Piston Pump / Turbine - Testing completed!

New micro hydro turbine/ pump testing has been completed with 90%+ volumetric efficiency and 85%+ mechanical efficiency. We look forward to our first site test using effluent waste flow from municipality in order to regain cost of delivery. We are able to run this rotary piston pump/turbine at low rpm creating high volumes, being able to do this allows us to efficiently extract power form kinetic energy sources. We are able to pump by hand crank over 30’ of head and hand crank 15’ of lift (4”ID and 4” OD pipe).


New Press Release Available

A new press release was released today and is available for download on our Media Kits page.


The July 2012 Zelda HVLS Demo Day Was a Huge Success!

Our demonstration day of July 26, 2012 was a great success and we enjoyed showing our technology to the public. Zelda HVLS has proven volumetric efficiencies of over 90% and mechanical efficiencies of over 82%. We would like to thank Conestoga College and McMaster University for their continued project support and involvement during this demonstration. Future demonstrations will be posted on our website and please also note that private demonstrations are also available upon request with prior notice.

Andrew Masse, General Manager

Hand Pumping - Lifting 14', 4inch ID Inlet & 4inch ID Outlet Zelda P/H-D Hand Crank Zelda PHD Pumping Over 30' By Hand Crank


Collaboration With Conestoga College Has Begun!

Collaboration with Conestoga College has started for the Prototype Design with Material Selection for phase II of the Zelda HVLS Pump.


Testing Has Begun!

Data Acquisition & Analysis Systems have been completed & testing has begun! Testing will wrap up this Friday, June 15th 2012. Our new website will also be posted soon!


Collaboration with McMaster University Has Begun

Collaboration with McMaster University has started for the developing of a low torque high throughput pump/turbine. CFD modeling and analysis of Zelda HVLS will ensure that the pump configuration will provide the most efficient throughput/ flow. A final report for this project will be available in late November of 2012.


Conestoga College Press Release Excerpt

We are pleased to announce that Conestoga has been awarded an Applied Research & Development grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). Professor Min Chen, a faculty member of the Mechanical Systems Engineering (MSE) accredited degree program, along with two part-time student Research Assistants will be working on the applied research project entitled “Prototype Testing System for the Zelda Pump”. WindTrans Systems Ltd., based in Seaforth, Ontario and directed by General Manager Andrew Masse, has developed the unique, energy efficient pump for a wide range of markets. Conestoga will design a prototype custom testing system (data acquisition technology, customized mechanical devices, customized software for recording & analysis of the measured parameters) as a verification tool for the pump design and performance. WindTrans will be able to use the system to validate their Canadian manufactured pumps and improve future innovations to the design.


Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning & WindTrans Systems Ltd.

Greg Robertson, MASc., P.Eng, Director of Conestoga Applied Research & Innovation (CARI) at Conestoga has announced that they are now officially commencing with a joint project between Conestoga College and WindTrans Systems Ltd. The project is to encompass the development of data acquisition, monitoring and measuring systems in order to test and provide 3rd party documentation proving the ability of the Zelda II pump product.


Initial Testing of Zelda PHD Has Been Completed.

Initial testing has been completed with our rapid prototype of Zelda HVLS. Our testing results have been posted on the 'In House Testing' page of our website.

We are now continuing the development of our final design to enable production of Zelda HVLS for the market in the early spring of 2012.


"Zelda HVLS" Proves to Be Quite the "Wonder Pump"!

We have successfully completed the first test of "Zelda HVLS". Pumping by hand less than 30 turns, we pumped over 40 gallons in 15 seconds! Amazing!

The head pressure test also yielded exciting results. Pumping by hand for only 7 seconds, "Zelda HVLS" successfully pumped water to a height of over 10' through a 4" exhaust outlet.


Pump Production

The pump is in the assembly stage of final production.


Final Component of Kinetic Energy Design Assembly

Drawings & Scale

Zelda II PumpThe development of Zelda HVLS is progressing smoothly as we are now beginning the exciting phases of testing and evaluation. Zelda HVLS has rapidly progressed from paper to reality with the use of extensive technical drawings, 3D computer models, and rapid prototyping. The Zelda HVLS prototype is now fully assembled and the prospects are good for a successful first run.

We will continue to proceed with the R&D process to achieve a clear picture of all aspects of Zelda HVLS, her future potential and the benefits of this exciting new green pump technology. Zelda HVLS will be used in the finished assembly with Zelda 1 to complete a fully functional kinetic power system to produce hydroelectricity.

Archived Events


Testing the Prototype with Kinetic Energy

Zelda II Prototype Testing


"Zelda" Lives.

We have had some great success pumping with Zelda and we have made a number of updates with our porting and vane design. WindTrans has enjoyed watching Zelda fill two 15" diameter outlet ports lifting the fluid up 24" in height at a speed lower than 1.25 rpm. Yes, the technology works and we will commence with our tests, data logging to include video and photos showing our progress. Please stay tuned as we are excited to share our findings. Please click here to see some videos of "Zelda" in action!



"Zelda" is Being Tested.

"Zelda" is now being tested! Check back soon as results will be posted shortly!

Zelda 1 Pump


"Zelda" Arrives.

"Zelda" has arrived at our test facility.



"Zelda" is Fully Assembled.

We are proud to announce that "Zelda" is now fully assembled and is ready to proceed with further testing.


"Zelda" 95% Assembled.

"Zelda" has now been assembled and dry tested. We look forward to future testing.


"Zelda" is Being Assembled.

Zelda 1 Pump
Assembly of "Zelda" will be taking place over the next two days. "Zelda" has a projected completion of one weeks time and soon after completion, testing will commence.


Andrew Masse of WindTrans Speaks at the Green Jobs of the Future Symposium.

April 7, 2010, 6:00-7:30 pm.

Learn about hydrokinetic generation and how WindTrans will change how we produce electricity. Bill King K-W Power-Logic talks about photovoltaic systems, Tim Matens talks about Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs.


"Zelda" is Coming Together.

Zelda 1 Pump
Zelda 1 Pump
We are excited to report that "Zelda" is in production and testing will commence April 1, 2010.


WindTrans Supports Local College.

Supporting student education and employment is just a couple of interests that WindTrans holds as being important to our community and to future manufacturing industry. WindTrans made contact with Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning this year and we have implemented two projects with the College providing hands-on, applied research experience directly to the students. The projects will begin January 5, 2010 and during the month of April 2010 a group of College Students and Professors will be invited to witness the testing of "Zelda" WT100.


The Production "Zelda" WT100 is under way.

Zelda 1 PumpZelda 1 Pump
Zelda 1 Pump
The manufacturing of "Zelda" WT100 is underway. We project that our first working model will be implemented into testing the first part of 2010. Driven by a 30 HP motor, our model will move 500 litres with each rotation. During this first testing we will take "Zelda" up to approximately 10 rpm using this 30 HP motor, developing over 100psi and moving over 5000 litres (1321 gal) per minute or 1,902,240 gal every 24 hours.


"Zelda" changes our environment: oil spills, electrical generation, clean water and reducing your carbon footprint.

Environmental issues that "Zelda" will address.

See the videos found here.

The WindTrans pump, christened "Zelda".
"Zelda" is designed and manufactured in Ontario, Canada.








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