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Oil Spills and HAZMAT Clean UP

With new technology comes the need for new ideas, not only in how to drive or run a product but also the market knowledge in providing a products that answer today's problems. WindTrans is providing high torque low rpm drive systems that not only match the needs of our patented technology but also the need of our clients. Emergency use, oil spills and hazardous material cleanup can now be services quickly. It is affordable technology that can be easily serviced. Ask to see a Zelda HVLS demo today.

What makes us different:

  • Ability to operate at low RPM
  • Hand Crank or Power Driven
  • Self-Prime and ability to keep prime
  • Will not emulsify or blend pumped medium
  • Filter quickly directly from pump outlet
  • OHMSETT tested in April 2017
  • Zelda HVLS Stand Alone Pump


Products that work:

  • Stage #1, ZF-5 Filter down to 5 microns (flow speed for hand pumping platform)
  • Stage #2, Absorbent Mat (may be reused until saturated)
  • Stage #3. Final filter to 5 parts per million (to be used with Stage #1 or Stage#1 & #2 systems)
  • Please see our Oil Spill - HAZMAT brochure below for further details information.
  • When cleaning up a large quantity of fluid we would recommend a holding, separation tank or large filtration mat/bladder. Image of large mat is shown below.
  • Pre-Tank Vacuum separation tank can be used if debris is a concern. Zelda HVLS is not a trash pump.


If you have a need or an application that requires a system call us today.

Drive Systems & Pump Products:

  • Small platform footprint:
    43"x24"x30" (1092x609x675)
  • Light weight: We make all of our products light weight ranging from 50 lbs to 196.6 lbs (22.7kg to 89.3 kg)
  • Extensive testing has been completed, +21.1 million gallons pumped non stop fore a 3 month period
  • Custom assembly and product packages are available to address many industry needs
  • 243 rpm Zelda displaces 364 US Gallons per minute or 75.9 cubic meters per hour
  • Patented Technology


Target Markets:

  • Shipyards / Barge Industry
  • Oil and Gas
  • Agriculture: Farming Irrigation
  • Emergency Services - fires, floods & spill
  • Hydro Electric Generation using the HVLS pump as a turbine


Zelda HVLS Platforms

All of our assemblies, product drives parts and custom assemblies pricing can be found by clicking the link below.





Zelda Drive Systems
PDF: 969 KB

Zelda Oil Spill - HAZMAT Clean Up
PDF: 0.97 MB

Agricultural Use
PDF: 1.60 MB










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