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WindTrans & Zelda 1 Prototype

Zelda I Arrives at WindTransFabrication for Zelda 1 was started in January 2010 and was completed in May 2010. Testing was started in June 2010 and carried through to December 2010.

Zelda weighs in at 9000 lbs and is the size of a small car. Zelda 1 is hydraulically activated and able to pump 500 litres per rotation with two 15" outlet ports.

WindTrans is currently reworking the vanes and then will initiate a new series of tests.

Our original Zelda 1 was developed in 2009 to 2010. Zelda 1 was large weighing in at 9000 lbs and able to pump 500 litres per revolution. Zelda 1 proved that the early design had potential but the difficulties to implement changes due to its size and scale, it was decide to create a much smaller pump and return to Zelda 1 at a later date. Zelda in Test Tank

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