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WindTrans & Zelda HVLS

Zelda HVLS is a high volume low speed positive displacement vane pump that can operate both in a pump and turbine mode forward and reverse equally as efficient. The pump uses a novel tracking (guide) system for the sliding vanes that significantly reduces back flow leakage in the chamber within the pump and is self-priming. The result is much superior performance compared to existing products.

Zelda HVLS is 18” (457mm) in diameter and weighs from 30 to 50 lbs (13.6 to 22.7 kg) depending on the model selected and the components used to satisfy the application. Zelda has a 5” (127mm) inlet and 5” (127mm) threaded outlet port and is mechanically activated.

Zelda HVLS was designed and the first fabrication was completed in May 2011. This first fabrication made use of rapid proto modeling to generate the first model which was all plastic. This proto model was not intended to be operational yet was connected to various motor and gear configuration along with a hand crank. The prototype model proved the technology working extremely well pumping over 140 gal. per min. at 90rpm.

Zelda PHD Rendering Zelda HVLS was then machined from an all steel outer casing and face plates with several variations on internal components. Zelda was than pressed to its limits with different motor and pressure applications.

By Nov. 2011 sufficient in house testing along with market analysis had been completed to implemented design changes and too cast the first aluminum bodied Zelda HVLS.

Conestoga College’s Engineering Department from Kitchener Ont., coordinated by Dr. Min Chen has undertaken independent third party testing commencing that commenced in January 2012. Technical data is still being collected over several months to substantiate the tests completed by WindTrans Systems Ltd.

Zelda PHD Motor Testing

McMaster University started a program of critical analysis in June 2012 that offered further design improvements and suggested material alternatives.








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