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Hand Pumping & Alternative Drives

Zelda PHD Hand Crank PumpZelda PHD Alternative Drive PumpHand crank, manual operation and the possibility of alterative drive systems makes Zelda HVLS the perfect choice for backup, emergency and remote pumping services. Zelda HVLS provides unmatched sealing and lift capabilities to include high volume output at low rpm. The requirement of minimal torque at low rpm is now possible yet retaining the ability of high volume output.

Zelda PHD Hand Crank PumpingZelda PHD Alternative Drive Pump Zelda HVLS offers affordable fluid delivery with little torque/effort required for operation.

Zelda has been designed with a 5" inside diameter inlet and a 5" inside diameter outlet. We have done this to able an increase or decrease of both inlet and oultlet fitting so that the pump can be marketed for either a 4" or 6" inlet and outlet for greater usablility. During our testing we have been able to lift water up 8' into the pump without prepriming and pushing up a head of over 12' using a hand crank. Cranking by hand has enabled us to deliver over 120 gallons of water per minute. We have shown that it is possible to transfer fluid out of a 55 gallon tank in under 16 seconds by using a manual hand crank.

Hand cranking also make Zelda HVLS usable during oil spills as we are able to self-prime and lift without loosing draft if a constant rpm is retained. A remote tote, stand and filtration system has been design for easy deployment.

Zelda Pumping 30' of Head Zelda Pumping 12' of Lift
Zelda Oil Spill Recovery Zelda Oil Spill MINI VAC Systemt


Zelda HVLS will provide affordable pumping service for:

  • Irrigation.
  • Delivery of water for human consumption.
  • Pumping for the desalination of water.
  • Quick transfer of fluids.
  • Pumping to raised storage for domestic pressure system.
  • Emergency transfer, sump pumping.
  • Emergency oil spill recovery
  • Backup pumping system during power failure.

Alternative drive systems aside from hand cranking include using a water buffalo or hooking up a bicycle to drive the pump. This proves that the pump is simple to implement and easy to operate. Zelda HVLS can be driven from the front or back side of the pump allowing the use of a dual drive system.

Zelda can be fitted with a secondary upper drive and fly wheel to enable variable drives with higher rpm and drives that may provide higher torque. Vertical or horizontal axis wind and water turbines may also be used providing wider usage. Versatility, affordability and longevity moving water for irrigation to moving high viscosity product in a pipe line is now possible.








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