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Power Generation / Hydraulic Transmission / Kinetic Energy

WindTrans Technology allows the manufacturing of a reversible-pump turbine that can be run in one direction as s pump and in the over direction as a turbine.  The Pump / Turbine is coupled to a reversible electric motor / generator that is able to use energy during non peak times storing energy for future use.  The motor drives the pump during the storage cycle, while the generator produces electricity at peak times during discharge cycle.  The simplicity of a single system and being able to use the WindTrans Zelda HVLS technology and its high efficiency make is all possible.

Zelda II Hydraulic Transmission

The Technology also allow the harnessing kinetic energy and extracting sustainable power with greater efficiency is now possible. Zelda as a turbine? As stated Zelda is able to operate in forward and reverse direction. This dual direction allows us to pump up into a reservoir and then use gravitational flow to produce electricity in the same system. When the demand is higher we are then able to use the same system in reverse to generate electricity.

Just think about being able to produce electricity from the lost energy from effluent outlets or harnessing the power from rivers, waves and the wind. Zelda provides the ability to regain some of the energy that we put into delivering common services to our towns and cities.

Hydraulic Transmission

WindTrans was originally founded to make use of this innovative technology to develop a hydraulic transmission for the commercial wind turbine industry (hence the name WindTrans).

The mechanical transmission used almost exclusively in wind turbines today is very expensive, costly to maintain, has a limited 5 year warranty and is controlled and limited by numerous European patent holders.

The Zelda hydraulic transmission would address many of the short comings of conventional mechanical wind turbine transmissions. The Zelda HVLS pump tests have proven that this technology can realistically and practically be extended to this application.

Zelda Harnessing TideZelda can be directly linked to a commercial wind turbine to pump city water. Since wind turbines operate at low rpm and high torque this has become an excellent technology fit.


Zelda Pumping Using Bike Drive Zelda Pumping +27' of Lift








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