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WindTrans & Zelda KDT

Zelda III Zelda KDT has been designed and will be fabricated in 2012. Zelda KDT is very similar to Zelda HVLS but is 40% larger in diameter and utilizes WindTrans technology.

Zelda KDT has been designed so that they can be stacked to match the need of each project or site. We have shown Zelda KDT stacked as two pumps banked together with two 6" inlet and two 6" outlet ports.

The adjustability in design and greater window of service through a wider range of operation makes our technology the better choice. This technology allows Zelda KDT to operate at different speeds without compromise. Our testing has shown us a wider range of pump use due to greater sealage at lower speeds. After analyzing our data, our pump curve has proven a more consistent pump providing greater efficiency at variable speeds.

The important thing to note is our ability to operate in both forward and reverse at 90%+ efficiency. This makes Zelda KDT the perfect turbine and pumping tool that not only pumps water up to a reservoir but when put into the system can be reversed and used to generate electricity.

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